23/03/2018 IWIB Power Networking

Event Sponsor: Sage Hotel
When: Friday 23/03/2018 - 10:00am - 11:30am
Where: SAGE Hotel, Harbour Street, Wollongong
Subscribers Cost: $8
Non-Subscribers Cost: $15

Includes your standard size coffee or tea along with the best networking in town! 

23/03/2018 IWIB Power Networking

IWIB Power Networking is back!  IWIB Power Networking is just like speed dating - but at IWIBwe mean business!

At traditional networking events many people tend to gravitate towards people they may already know, never getting the opportunity to meet others who could be a great business contact.   In this structured environment of IWIB Power Networking you will interact with many individuals who you may have never otherwise had the chance to network with. 

Even if someone you meet does not directly relate to your business or your needs, you may know someone who would be a great contact for them, or vice versa.


IWIB Power Networking is networking at its best – one on one networking where you get to meet new faces – one after the other – you present your power pitch - tell them about your business and they tell you about theirs (a total of 5 minutes altogether)  – and then you move on!  It’s a good idea to practice your pitch – have 2 up your sleeve – if you are Networking with a new face – have the appropriate pitch – if you are with someone you know – have a pitch ready to tell them something about your business that they may not know!

IWIB Power Networking is energetic – fun – noisy – but it is serious business!

We welcome men to all our IWIB events and you don’t have to be a subscriber/member to attend. 

Please bring a good supply of business cards.


By attending IWIB POWER NETWORKING - you'll network with key business contacts, building a more powerful business network. 

 At IWIB POWER NETWORKING you will be creating a successful unique selling point for your business, improving your business networking techniques through energized networking conversations, you will feel more confident networking with new faces at networking events.

It is essential to register/book to attend IWIB Power Networking and please arrive on time as we need our teams made up ready to start as early as possible!