1/09/2017 IWIB Business Networking Lunch

Event Sponsor: This IWIB event is proudly sponsored by Essential Employment & Training
When: Friday 01/09/2017 - 12noon
Where: Centro CBD
28 Stewart St, Wollongong
Subscribers Cost: $48
Non-Subscribers Cost: $60

Price includes a welcome glass of bubbles/wine or softdrink on arrival and a delicious 2 course meal.   


1/09/2017 IWIB Business Networking Lunch 1/09/2017 IWIB Business Networking Lunch

Join us at this IWIB Business Networking Lunch.  Don't arrive late and miss out on the open networking at the start of the event!  You will enjoy open networking over a glass of wine or bubbles - this is the time for you to meet new contacts and catch up with familiar faces and build on your business relationships.  Make sure you bring a good supply of business cards to all IWIB events.  Subscribers (members) don't forget to bring you advertising floor banners and information/flyers/give aways to pop in the Mercury Bags at this event.

Guest Speaker: Elly Johnson 

Elly is an engaging key note speaker and trainer who will have you digging deep and thinking about the role truth, or the lack of it, plays in your personal and professional life.

Through her business, TruthAbility, Elly brings together her rich knowledge in truth, lies and love and offers a wealth of practical tools and online training. Her book, The Truth Dilemma, is due for release later this year and will have wide appeal to anyone who prefers truth over lies. CLICK here to read more

Speaker Topic: Get More Truth - Spot More Deception - Trips, Traps and Awareness!

The majority of lies that people tell daily are not designed to hurt or deceive. They are often branded as ‘white lies’ and are told, mostly without a second thought, to keep the peace, to maintain a flow of conversation or to wriggle out of something awkward or uncomfortable.

But, what about the lies and deception that can lead you to make decisions that you would otherwise not have made if you were armed with the truth? If you better understand the science of truth and lies you can immediately notice things that other people miss, giving you the power to take the right action and make better decisions.

This engaging seminar will provide tips and techniques designed to encourage more truth when it matters most and spot signs of deception early. By exploring some of the myths about truth and lies, you will be better equipped to bring more truth into your personal and professional life and avoid the negative impact of deception.

This short seminar will discuss:

*Common traps that can stand in the way of getting the truth and spotting harmful  deception

 *Tips to improve awareness of factors that contribute to getting the information required